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Do women feel equal in a male-dominated finance industry?

Having read a recent article on the BBC around the subject of financial advisory services
discriminating against women I felt spurred to write this article sharing our experiences of this
subject. In a world where women’s rights are still a hot topic and many feel as though more needs to
be done to provide equality among the sexes, this may come as no surprise.

It’s a man’s world…

The research was conducted by Kantar who spoke to 30,000 women. The article noted that despite
the common belief that women are better at managing finances when it came down to large
purchases such as mortgages, investments and even cars; the men are considered to be the deciding
protagonists. Leaving some women to feel undervalued when speaking with financial advisors.

mortgage advice

‘Women are often ignored’

The report suggested that women are often ignored during meetings with financial experts. One
particular case told of a husband and wife visiting a mortgage advisor who only spoke with the man.
The woman felt so off-put by the situation she did not allow the mortgage to go through.

One estimate suggests that only one in twenty independent financial advisors are women, showing just how male-dominated the industry is.

We are different here at Number One Mortgages.

Our very own female mortgage advisor, Emma Sacre has worked in the industry for many years and
has often received questions from women customers who have received advice elsewhere. “They
don’t sometimes feel comfortable asking these questions to an advisor who hasn’t engaged with
them during their meeting, which is totally understandable. We provide an excellent service and
genuinely want to help people to reach their mortgage goals. So, we avoid the corporate ‘salesy’
approach and instead opt for good honest advice, regardless of the sex of the person we are
speaking too. Ollie and Kevin take the same approach.”

Meet Emma one of our expert mortgage advisers. She is on hand to help answer your questions over
the phone, at your home, in our office at a time convenient to you. If evenings or weekends suit you
better, just let her know. Contact Emma or call on 01273 736536.

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