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Molly – The Mascot

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Molly is our lively business mascot.

Her role is very important within Number One Mortgages, Molly is responsible for office morale. It can be tiring work speaking with the banks all day but Molly is always there with a friendly face and loving gaze to make our day and keep us going to serve you the best we can.

Molly’s favourite treats are beef chews and she will really pull out the stops with her loving gaze to get one. When we get your mortgage offer issued we have a team ‘High Five’ with Molly, other key strengths include the ‘handshake’ and ‘fetch’.

Molly’s day will typically start with a walk along the Shoreham river bank or a run in the park playing ball, she finds this gets her focused for the day ahead. This is followed by a hearty breakfast to set her up for the day.

One by one Molly greets the team with a waggle in her tail, accompanying them to their desk and making sure they get settled into work, after some cuddles of course!

Throughout the morning Molly will do the rounds between desks, checking everyone is working hard until lunch when each of the team will play a few thrilling games of catch or tug of war with her before its time to return to work, or to bed in Molly’s case.

Molly can’t quite answer the phone yet, but to speak with the rest of the team Call on 01273 736536 or email