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Moving Home

Do you want to know what is possible to give you the confidence to move home?

If you’re considering moving home it can be a daunting experience. You’re likely to have many questions running through your mind… including how much will you sell your present home for, what are the costs involved, how much you can borrow and how much will it cost you each month….

How much can I borrow? What costs are involved to move home? What will the monthly payments be?

Moving home is an exciting experience and frequently the quest of knowing what is possible starts by speaking with a mortgage expert and a property enthusiast. Number One Mortgages can alleviate the pressure and provide you with the answers to give you the confidence that you’re making sound decisions about your future finances when moving home.

Moving Home Mortgage ServicesAs well as our expert knowledge of the mortgage market, our advisers have a good understanding of Sussex property prices. Which combined with the ability to understand your financial situation and recommend the most suitable purchase price range for your capabilities, ensures you receive a service that fills you with confidence and simplifies the process for you.

Here’s how it works. We visit you at your home or conduct the meeting via telephone for an initial fact finding discussion. This is a great opportunity to get a snap shot of your situation and your objectives to ensure that the best product for your circumstances is obtained.

In our second meeting we will provide you with the information, advice and our recommendation of the best available mortgage for you in the marketplace, really taking the strain off securing your mortgage and completing the paperwork. The best bit, no fee is paid until you are happy with our recommendation and you wish to proceed.

As home buying experts you’ll be offered advice on what to look out for, the questions to ask and even how to make an effective offer for purchase, saving you time and giving you confidence through knowledge and support when purchasing your property.

It costs less than you may think to obtain professional advice that could save you £1000’s

Call us now on 01273 736536 or use our contact form and discover how our expert advice can help you reach your goal, save you time and £££’s.

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