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Save money the easy way by remortgaging

Simply remortgage to get your new year’s resolution done and dusted by the end of February! 

Ok, we can’t help you drop 10lbs or stop smoking but if your new year’s resolution is to save money to pay off a debt, make home improvements or for a special purchase. Tick this box and complete your new year’s resolution before the end of February by simply remortgaging!

REMORTGAGING FOR HOME IMPROVEMENTIf you obtained your mortgage 2 years ago and paid between a 5-15% deposit there are some incredible savings to be made by remortgaging, in fact everyone should be doing it! Interest rates are so competitive at the moment and the lowest they’ve ever been. Even if you’re in the process of moving home its worthwhile investigating.

Mr and Mrs C came to us last week having purchased their home 2 years ago for £333,000. They had a 10% deposit and so borrowed £297,000. They have been on a repayment mortgage for 2 years. They came to Number One Mortgages for help finding the best deal for them and were amazed at the results.

By remortgaging we have raised £50,000 for them and chopped 7 years off of their mortgage! The monthly payments are the same (give or take £5) and Mr and Mrs C can make the home improvements they have planned!

If you would like to find out more about our Remortgaging service please call us on 01273 736536 or send us a message.

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