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Mortgage Rate Trends

Wow, interest rates just keep getting lower…

Interest Rates At An All Time Low   Today The Bank of England announced a rate reduction of 0.25%, making the current Bank of England Rate 0.25% – the lowest rate ever! Times are forever changing and most predicted a rate rise at the beginning of the year. With times and circumstances changing should you be reviewing your mortgage? We’ve […]

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Save money the easy way by remortgaging

Simply remortgage to get your new year’s resolution done and dusted by the end of February!  Ok, we can’t help you drop 10lbs or stop smoking but if your new year’s resolution is to save money to pay off a debt, make home improvements or for a special purchase. Tick this box and complete your new year’s resolution before the end […]

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Landlord Tax Image

Tax changes for landlords explained

In the summer it was announced that there will be some tax changes for landlords who fall in to the higher tax rate bracket. Specifically changes in the amount of tax relief they can claim on the interest of their mortgage payments. These tax changes for landlords were not favorable and mean that relief can only be claimed at the basic rate of tax, […]

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Brighton Mortgage Advisor

Why would I use a mortgage broker when I can just go to the bank?

Mortgage Broker vs Bank This is a question I get asked fairly frequently. It seems to me that mortgage brokers are deemed as a fall back option if the bank says no. While our services do extend to this assistance there are far more valuable reasons why you should consider approaching a mortgage broker before contacting your bank. Did you […]

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Interest Only

Interest Only Mortgage Fears

The BBC recently published an article about interest only mortgages and the shocking volume of people who are likely to be effected in coming years when they haven’t made provisions to repay the original debt. It’s an interesting topic and something that has also sparked over 900 comments on the article. Interest only mortgages became popular in the early 2000’s and according to […]

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Landlords and Mortgage Finance

Buy-to-let has really taken off in recent years. Legislation has been relaxed and steadily mortgage lenders have become more willing to provide finance. In fact as of Q3 2014 it accounted for 14% of all mortgage lending*.   Regular readers of my blog will know that not only am I a BIG FAN of buy-to-let (done properly it’s a great […]

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Deflation isn’t deflating

The UK is in a period of deflation. If you were born after March 1960 then you won’t have experienced that in your lifetime. Amazing really. And in the bluntest terms, that’s pretty good news for us because the cost of our everyday essentials like food and fuel are falling. But deflation can have a downside. And even though the […]

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Mortgage ready Sussex

Clever Money, Clever Mortgages

Oh mortgages……. We spend our early years trying to get one and the rest of our lives trying to pay them off! But there’s one thing that anyone who’s had a mortgage during the last 6 years can be grateful for, And that’s low interest rates. In October 2008 the base rate was 4.5% but it dropped quickly down to […]

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A little bit about inflation

Inflation is currently sitting at 0%. That is the lowest rate of inflation since records began! What that essentially means is that we should all feel: a little bit better off, because everything is a little bit cheaper, which means that we should all spend a little bit more. And for mortgages? Well it usually means that interest rates will […]

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Shout about it

A word on remortgaging

A word to the wise this week . Remortgaging is a NO-BRAINER if you’re currently on a standard variable mortgage that was taken out after 2009.                     Remortgaging is a no-brainer, I just can’t say that often or loudly enough. Interest rates are so low that we’re finding that by remortgaging […]

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