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Property and Mortgage Market Predictions 2018

Mortgage and Property Market Predictions for 2018

Summary of 2017 and our predictions for 2018 Initially, let’s look back over 2017 with a short round-up of key industry news. Before giving you our predictions for the coming year to help you make decisions about your financial circumstance and objectives. 2017 round-up • Halifax’s House Price Index showed an annual increase of 2.7% during 2017 • Mortgage rates […]

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interest rate rise

Interest Rate Predictions

We give our interest rate prediction  After the Bank of England announced that the base rate would be rising last week many of our clients have been in touch to ask for our prediction on the future of interest rates. This is an interesting topic and certainly one that will affect most people over the years, especially when it comes […]

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interest rate rise

Shock Interest Rate Rise Imminent

Despite leading economists from across the board predicting only weeks ago that the Bank of England wouldn’t be increasing the base rate until at least 2019, there have been murmurs around a rate rise as soon as November this year. The predictions of ‘no rate rise’ was music to the ears of anyone coming to the end of their fixed rate […]

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mortgage interest rates

Mortgage Interest Rates | Don’t throw money down the drain

Do you know what the average mortgage interest rate is? The average mortgage rate is calculated by taking the rate charged across all mortgage providers for all products and taking the average figure. In June, the average mortgage interest rate was 2.99%, however, we are typically securing our client’s mortgage rates that start in the 1’s.  Do you know what […]

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interest only mortgage

The Trouble With Interest Only Mortgages

Why Are Interest Only Mortgages Causing Trouble For Homeowners? Citizen’s Advice Bureau have warned that nearly a million UK homeowners are soon to face a harsh reality when their interest only mortgages come to an end and they have no way to pay off the capital of their mortgage. What is an interest-only mortgage? Interest only mortgages allow the homeowner to just […]

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Mortgage Rate Trends

Wow, interest rates just keep getting lower…

Interest Rates At An All Time Low   Today The Bank of England announced a rate reduction of 0.25%, making the current Bank of England Rate 0.25% – the lowest rate ever! Times are forever changing and most predicted a rate rise at the beginning of the year. With times and circumstances changing should you be reviewing your mortgage? We’ve […]

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Save money the easy way by remortgaging

Simply remortgage to get your new year’s resolution done and dusted by the end of February!  Ok, we can’t help you drop 10lbs or stop smoking but if your new year’s resolution is to save money to pay off a debt, make home improvements or for a special purchase. Tick this box and complete your new year’s resolution before the end […]

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Landlord Tax Image

Tax changes for landlords explained

In the summer it was announced that there will be some tax changes for landlords who fall in to the higher tax rate bracket. Specifically changes in the amount of tax relief they can claim on the interest of their mortgage payments. These tax changes for landlords were not favorable and mean that relief can only be claimed at the basic rate of tax, […]

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