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Add value to home

7 Tips to add value to your home

The simple answer of how to add value to your home is to improve it. Whether that’s extending, modifying or styling. Ensuring your home is presented well and has certain desirable features will ensure that you add value when you come to sell it. Ensuring your home is presented well and has certain desirable features will ensure that you add […]

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Property and Mortgage Market Predictions 2018

Mortgage and Property Market Predictions for 2018

Summary of 2017 and our predictions for 2018 Initially, let’s look back over 2017 with a short round-up of key industry news. Before giving you our predictions for the coming year to help you make decisions about your financial circumstance and objectives. 2017 round-up • Halifax’s House Price Index showed an annual increase of 2.7% during 2017 • Mortgage rates […]

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brexit property market

Property Prices Post Brexit

Has BREXIT affected Property Prices? 15 months ago, our great Nation voted to leave the EU. Whatever your voting choice, it’s undeniable that Brexit raised concerns over whether the property market would suffer. Some experts even predicted another property market crash as a result of Brexit proceedings causing financial uncertainty. So, 15 months on, are we seeing a buoyant market or […]

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the price of living by the seaside

The price of living beside the seaside

The price of living beside the seaside will make your eyes water As the song goes, “Oh how I do love to live beside the seaside” it turns out you must really love it. Because the cost of properties in Seaside towns are vastly more expensive than their inland counterparts. Halifax bank conducted the study which revealed the not-so-shocking findings. […]

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Hove property prices

Hove crowned England and Wales most sought after postcode

The Hove BN3 postcode has been awarded the accolade of, most sought-after postcode in England and Wales, for home buyers aged between 25 and 44. The research conducted by Lloyds Bank revealed that for the third year in a row Hove has come top of the annual ranking. We’re sure the weekend’s premiership promotion for the towns’ beloved football team […]

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schools increase house prices

Good Schools increase local property prices

Government research confirms that properties located close to good Primary and Secondary schools adds considerable value to house prices.   The department for education research found property prices are 8% higher within the catchment area of the best performing primary schools, and 6.8% higher near the best secondary schools. The average house price in Sussex is £352,335 so at the […]

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brexit cake

BREXIT: The proof is in the pudding

Since the BREXIT announcement there has been a lot of uncertainty among industry experts about the future of the UK housing market. Many warned of severe downturns and buyer confidence dwindling with a leave vote. The RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) noted that buyer demand rose for the first time in 7 months during September. There are still a […]

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home improvememts

Remortgaging for Home Improvements

There’s never been a better time to consider making some home improvements. They’ll not only enhance your living space and give your home a new lease of life but if considered correctly they could also add value to your home. With the new low interest rate, there will be even more savings to be made by remortgaging so here’s some ideas of […]

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