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changes affecting household finances

Changes affecting your household finances in 2017

Changes affecting your household finances in 2017 There’s set to be a series of rises to essential household bills in April which could stretch your budget. This is as well as some changes to National Living Wage and Benefits which could also see some impact on your purse strings. We’ve given you a roundup of the key changes so you […]

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Overpayment mortgage

Should I overpay on my mortgage?

If you have additional disposable income at the end of the month, choosing to pay more into your mortgage may be a good option. If you have recently received a promotion, got a pay rise or for whatever reason find you have some additional disposable income at the end of each month, then you may be considering over payment on […]

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Retirement planning

Retirement: Planning to downsize?

The former pensions minister Steve Webb gives his views on why downsizing your home to increase retirement income is an unrealistic goal. Steve Webb told the BBC that this retirement plan could best be described as ‘downsizing delusion’ which is a worrying statement for the three million people planning to rely on their homes for a pension. “Most people doing so […]

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New wave of foreign property buyers in the UK

The post BREXIT weak pound is drawing in foreign property buyers. As reported in The i newspaper this week, foreign property moguls are expected to cash in on the post BREXIT weak pound. It is expected that foreign money will pour into London and the British Property market in the coming weeks and months before the pound goes back up in value. […]

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budget round up

2016 budget round-up

Chancellor George Osborne released his 2016 Budget today and below we have compiled a summary of the key points that may interest and affect you: Main headlines Tax-free personal allowance to rise to £11,500 in April 2017 The threshold at which people pay 40% tax will rise from £42,385 to £45,000 in April 2017 New “lifetime” Isa for the under-40s, with government putting […]

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Brighton Mortgage Advisor

Why would I use a mortgage broker when I can just go to the bank?

Mortgage Broker vs Bank This is a question I get asked fairly frequently. It seems to me that mortgage brokers are deemed as a fall back option if the bank says no. While our services do extend to this assistance there are far more valuable reasons why you should consider approaching a mortgage broker before contacting your bank. Did you […]

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95% mortgage

The comeback of the 95% Mortgage

The 95% mortgage is BACK! This popular lending option from pre ‘credit crunch’ sees buyers able to purchase property with just a 5% deposit. A fantastic opportunity for first time buyers whom haven’t yet raised the capital for a 10%+ deposit. Since 2008 when the 95% mortgage became practically obsolete lenders have steered away from this product in times of […]

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Interest Only

Interest Only Mortgage Fears

The BBC recently published an article about interest only mortgages and the shocking volume of people who are likely to be effected in coming years when they haven’t made provisions to repay the original debt. It’s an interesting topic and something that has also sparked over 900 comments on the article. Interest only mortgages became popular in the early 2000’s and according to […]

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