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‘Was Niki’s new fixed rate offer the best deal?’

Niki and her family bought their brand new house in a West Sussex village in October 2010. At the time they were able to take out a 2 year fixed rate with Natwest Bank that was fairly competitive. During the house buying process she used Number One Mortgages to get some advice on the mortgage best suited to them. “I’ve used Number One Mortgages several times before and have always appreciated their honesty and extensive knowledge of the mortgage market.”

I’ve used Number One Mortgages several times before and have always appreciated their honesty and extensive knowledge of the mortgage market.

“In this instance, as always, they were able to identify the most competitive mortgage for us”. Forward on two years, and Niki was approaching the end of her 2 year introductory offer. She received a letter from Natwest with a new fixed rate offer that was more competitive than the offer she was currently on.

Honest Advice Case Study“Due to changes in the economic environment, rates had improved and Natwest were able to make a new 2 year fixed offer that was better than my existing rate”.

Niki immediately made a call to Kevin at Number One Mortgages – “I trust Kevin completely, I know he will always look after my best interests and I value his advice”.

I asked if he could look into my current situation and let me know whether there was a more competitive product available to me”. Using an independent financial adviser is really important to Niki:

“To be honest, the mortgage marketplace is such an ever-changing, over-saturated and complex environment, the idea of not using an adviser to guide me through it is a definite no-go!”. After a couple of days, Niki heard back from Kevin.

He said that he’d researched what was available and that actually, the offer from Natwest was the most competitive and I should just stay put! “I was really impressed, because he’d been completely honest even if it meant that he received nothing for his work!”

We asked Niki if she had any advice for people who were coming to the end of their current mortgage terms: “I cannot recommend consulting a financial adviser highly enough. Even if you have already received another offer from your existing provider it’s always worth checking what is out there, and it’s reassuring to know that you can deal with people who have enough integrity to tell you to stay put!”

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