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Buy To Let

‘I see this as a secure investment.’

Allan was looking for an investment to secure his family’s future. In the past other investments failed and he was looking for something that was more secure. Allan believes that property is a relatively secure long-term investment.

Property is definitely something to consider when looking for an investment

Allan had used Number One Mortgages in the past and he approached them right at the beginning of the process: “We’d used Number One Mortgages before so we knew that they would be able to help us”. Although Allan had a clear idea of what he wanted to achieve he found that the advice of an independent financial advisor was invaluable.

Retirement Sign“I found that Kevin helped me every step of the way and saved me a great deal of time. His service is very personal and personable and I was impressed with how much he knew about buy-to-lets.”

Allan was successful in purchasing an auction property in Gillingham that should rent out for around £1,300 per month and an interest only mortgage would cost in the region of £328.30 if that’s how he chose to finance it. Allan is optimistic about the purchase: “I see this as a secure investment. All in all it’s been a very successful project.” We asked Allan if he had any advice for people also considering a buy-to-let:

“Property is definitely something to consider when looking for an investment, particularly if you’re looking at long term retirement planning. I highly recommend choosing an independent mortgage broker because they can give you the personal attention and I’m extremely grateful to Number One Mortgages who went the extra mile and managed to push through an auction purchase incredibly quickly.

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