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Brighton buy to let hotspot

Brighton has been recognised as a buy to let hotspot – This might not come as a surprise to those living in one of the thousands of rental properties in the City. But what might be a surprise is that Yorkshire and Oxfordshire (who also featured on the list) deliver an average higher rate of 6.3% yield, against the 5.6% […]

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Stamp Duty

At long last….. Stamp Duty is to be cut……

At long last… George Osborne has said stamp duty will be cut for 98% of homebuyers in his Autumn Statement to the Commons. The chancellor said that from midnight, the current system, where the amount owed jumps at each threshold level, would be replaced by a graduated rate, working in a similar way to income tax. The changes taking place […]

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Housr Prices - Piles of Coins

Think house prices have risen fast in the last 40 years? Other things have risen faster…….

“Inflation is when you pay $15 for the $10 haircut you used to get for $5 when you had hair!” Sam Ewing In 1974 when Harold Wilson won the general election for Labour, the average house was worth £9,927. And although we often think that house prices have risen at astronomical levels they have actually risen relatively in-line with average […]

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Property Market Predictions

Want to satisfy the new affordability rules?

When the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) came into play on 26th April it created mixed feelings, this is more commonly known as ‘new affordability rules’ in the news. While people agreed that, in theory, it was a good idea to make more detailed enquiries around mortgage applications, there were many concerns flagged.

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Front Doors

Everyone should be doing it – Are you?

Re-mortgaging sounds like a big deal. It sounds like a lot of paperwork. It sounds like something that you don’t really have the time to look into. And anyway, aren’t mortgage rates the best they’ve ever been? But your mortgage is quite often your biggest monthly expenditure so if you’re saving money on the little things then shouldn’t you be […]

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